Benati - The beginning

It all started when I was 6 years old… I used to go with my mum to an alternative medicine shop where they sold all sorts of things, between them – gemstones and crystals. For some reason I had some sort of connection to these stones, and I just had to have one every visit to that shop. Within time, my collection of gems grew and grew, up until today. Today I have quite an impressive collection. Later on did I find out that when my mum and dad were younger, they used to buy and sell antique jewelry in London’s antique markets, so I guess it’s in my blood :).

I have created my brand – Benati. The name comes from my name: Ben, and my wife’s name: Anat. Under this brand I bring to life all my idea’s and creations. Designing and making jewelry is my passion!

– Ben Proctor, Benati

Meet The Designer

Ben Proctor
Owner, Design, Goldsmith, Customer Support, Photography

Ben Proctor – The Designer of Benati Jewelry. Graduated from jewelry design and goldsmith studies in 2010 from Shenkar College, Israel. Since then I have gained experience working for local and global leading jewelry companies while establishing my own brand Benati. Our jewelry is available on our website and on Etsy. We have over 1,180 five star ratings from happy clients all over the world that I am very proud of.


Jewelry design is my passion!

Ben Proctor's diamond grader certificate
Anat Proctor

Anat Proctor
Owner, Customer Support, Packaging and Shipping, Our beloved Hand model

Anat Proctor, our Marketing and Sales Director, and qualified lawyer. Anat follows trends, and you can be certain from her feminine perspective all Benati Jewelry will be contemporary, yet elegant and tasteful. As well as being a talented business partner at Benati Jewelry she always has her finger on the pulse with novel ideas. Anat will ensure your orders are taken care of and every client at Benati is treated as a VIP.


Anat makes sure everything is ticking on the Benati clock.

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