Mens Wedding Bands 10 Step Guide

mens wedding ring, mobius 5mm wedding band

Are you new to buying jewelry? Or if you have never bought jewelry in your life, it can be intimidating and hard to find a starting point shopping for a wedding band. You may be asking yourself how do I find the right wedding band that will fit my exact needs and personality for the rest of my life? Do not be worried, as with some research you will be in an excellent starting point to start looking for the most important piece of jewelry you will ever buy. Your mens wedding band is going to be so close to you, worn daily, you want it to be a perfect choice you made with not a single regret.

8mm mens wedding band mobius ring for men

Step 1 – Evaluate Your Needs

The perfect wedding ring will depend on who you are and what you expect from a wedding band. It would be wise to match the wedding bands style to your personality. In some cases you might want to think about your image and style, this will give you a great point of view on where to start filtering different types of bands. Who knows maybe a Celtic wedding band will catch your eye and heart.

People want to make a statement with their look so choosing a ring that stands out, that adds sophistication, is flashy, bold or set with black diamonds might be the way to go. Others might prefer a more subtle, low profile and more modest look which doesn’t draw too much attention. For example if your image is a retro, boho earth loving individual maybe a nature inspired wedding band with leaf motives would be an interesting option. 

nature inspired mens wedding band

In many cases, the ‘good old’ simple traditional wedding band just won’t deliver the expectations of today’s fashionable self award young men. After all, we all want a ring that makes you feel and look good. The most important rule is to stay genuine to yourself.

A mens wedding ring is for daily use. Functionality and comfort should be the two most important aspects when exploring this market. Check out these practical considerations to think about:

  • How much money can you spend on the wedding ring?
  • What kind of activities do you do? Is it primarily office work? Or do you work outside most of the day with your hands? 
  • Do you have a specific kind of look and style? What’s your personality like? If you’re a tough-guy masculine workout man, consider a ring that goes well with your lifestyle. 
  • Do you want a solid gold 14k or 18k ring? What type of gold suits your skin color best? White gold / Rose gold / Yellow gold?
  • Do you have sensitive skin? If so maybe a platinum wedding band will be the best material for you to wear on a daily basis. 
  • What’s your must-have features in a wedding band? Do you love black diamonds? Blue sapphires? Or hammered wedding bands? Maybe it’s animals so anything animal related can be an interesting starting point.
  • How wide do you want the ring to be? The most popular widths for mens wedding bands are 6 mm, 5 mm and 4 mm.
  • Do you want it to match your partner’s wedding ring?
Mens Wedding Band, 4.5mm Wide Mobius Wedding Band

Step 2 – Your Budget

How much can you really spend on your wedding band? Don’t forget it’s going to be the ring you wear everyday, for many many years to come. There is no general rule, so do your calculations and define a budget you are comfortable with. If you’re on a tight budget you can consider financing or purchasing a less wider band, which should weigh less and maybe even another metal than solid gold. Recent trends for budget wedding bands are sterling silver and tungsten. Knowing your budget beforehand will greatly help you when shopping for your wedding ring.

Step 3 – Decide If You Want Traditional

Gold Wedding Band, Simple Wedding Ring

Going with a traditional wedding band can well be a fine option if you’re the old fashion classic-loving kind of person. There’s nothing wrong with that – simple if always elegant and timeless. You can’t go wrong with it. How you feel about these all time classics can help decide on which route to take.

Consider these factors when deciding between traditional wedding bands and designed wedding rings:

Traditional Wedding Bands

  • It will never go out of fashion.
  • It will always look smart and elegant.
  • It will suit all events and situations.
  • Often their the most comfortable rings to wear on a daily basis.
18k Rose Gold Court Wedding Band - For Him Or Her, Modern Gold Band

Non-Traditional Designer Wedding Bands

  • You have a say on the design to suit your style and personality
  • You can custom design the ring to your taste.
  • It can be an extension of who you are, a personal memory or experience.  
  • The ring can be a great conversation starter
  • Personal pride wearing a wedding band with personal meaning 
Mens rose gold 6mm wedding ring with arrows

Step 4 – Consider Your Options

Do you have your heart set on a specific ring type or design? Often wedding ring shoppers do. However in today’s modern marketplace, new ring designs are available widely on a daily basis. If you didn’t find what you’re looking for you can always get it custom designed. Explore all options before settling on one because the one ring you’ve never even considered could be the right one for you. Do your research and compare rings to find the perfect one for you.

hammered yellow gold wedding Band

If there’s a ring you already fancy, you should still review other comparable options in the same class (gold karat or material type, width, types of finish, etc) to be 100% sure you didn’t overlook an even better option. Once you decide on the best ring, you can easily check for detailed information on pricing and specifications online.

If you only know what width of band you want or what material the ring should be, you can consult a personal assistant to help you narrow the selection down. Sometimes it can be easier and faster to advise with someone professional – to give you some priceless tips on how to select the right wedding ring.

Step 5 – Evaluate The Costs

Some wedding rings will be cheaper to buy, explore why. Maybe they are thin, hollow, perhaps the karat is only 9k. If it’s too cheap, check what the reason may be. You don’t want to be dissapointed with such an important purchase. Even if two rings have a similar price, one might be built or designed better. On the other hand if a wedding band is dramatically expensive, check if you’re paying additional money just for the brands name.

Mens wedding band, wide wedding band

Before committing to a wedding ring, you should be sure you have checked all your options and shop policies. If the ring doesn’t fit well can it be resized? If it doesn’t suit me well can I return it for an exchange or refund? These are important points to think about and include in your quest for the wedding band shopping. It would be wise to check the vendors reviews. Benati jewelry has over 1200+ positive 5-star reviews. Be sure you’re in good hands. These simple tips can help you make a smart decision that can save you hours of work and hundreds of dollars.

Step 6 – Find Wedding Rings You Love

The traditional way to shop for wedding bands is going to your local jewelers and trying on some wedding rings. With this option you are limited to the collection of rings in that specific shop only. However, because of the easy access to the internet and online shopping, searching for wedding bands has become easy with a literally endless selection of wedding bands. As you can imagine, it can be overwhelming at first, but if you read this article till this point, and continue reading, you can start filtering a few key aspects, for example: budget, width, material and theme. It will be easier to spot the ideal ring this way, getting you closer and faster to the winner ring.  

mend wedding band

Save a few rings you liked best. Save the photos on your computer’s desktop, or you can pin them on Pinterest or photograph them with your phone and save them in a specific folder for later consideration. Make sure you have the brands name and title or SKU of the product for later reference. 

If you have any questions contact the shop or designer with any of your concerns or questions. This will also build your trust shopping with that specific designer or jeweler. You should hear back from them soon after you send your message, usually within 24 hours is standard. A prompt response is always a good sign. 

Platinum mobius mens wedding band, Mobius wedding ring in platinum

Often online shops offer free shipping or a complimentary discount for first time buyers when signing up to a newsletter, be sure to check these options out before placing your order. Why not save some hard earned dollars if you can. If you’re not ready to purchase yet, simply make a note of which rings caught your attention, and continue exploring your options. You can always contact them later when it’s more relevant. 

Step 7 – Measure

So you have found the ideal wedding band, now make sure it’s going to fit perfectly. There are no shortcuts here. You’ve got to measure your wedding ring finger to make sure you have the correct ring size for a comfortable ideal fit. Even if you already wear a ring, I would highly recommend double checking your ring size, as it can change within time due to gaining or losing weight. It would be clever to order a plastic ring sizer, or visit a local jewelry shop for measuring your ring size. Sales assistance will be happy to help you measure your finger, so don’t be shy and get it done. We have a recommended article on how to measure your ring size with great techniques, tips and insights. 

5mm mens wedding band

I recommend trying on a few different widths of rings to see what you like best, what looks good on your hands and what is the most comfortable for you. Different styles can also give you a better feeling and understanding which kind of design to go with. At first don’t limit your options. Try on a lot of rings and slowly but surely narrow it down. It will quickly be easier to compare the rings you like and make the final decision. It can be a very good idea going with your partner or close friend to hear her or his input on the rings you liked.

Step 8 – What to Look For

Some rings may seem to have all the features you like, but comfort should be the single most important aspect when selecting a wedding band. You don’t want a ring you can’t wear all day long without forgetting about it. I have Checked with multiple wedding ring owners – they all said that they don’t even remember that they’re wearing a wedding ring at all! You should enjoy wearing the ring. If it’s too bulky or too heavy you might want to reconsider that option. You may not want a ring that could get caught on things or a wedding ring that’s too delicate to withstand a gym workout or some sports activity on the weekend. 

Mens hammered stepped Beveled edge band, white gold wide mens wedding band

It would be wise to match the wedding band type to the lifestyle you have. Climbing mountains, playing tennis or golf with a very wide wedding band might interrupt the pleasure. When shopping online, take a good look at the photographs of the ring on the models hand – does it look like it will work for you?

While evaluating your options don’t be distracted. It’s a very important purchase, take your time looking. If you’re in a hurry, consider going back to it at a later time or another day. If you’re not sure about a ring, you can take a break and think it over. It’s important to take it easy and focus on making it a fun experience.

Step 9 – Pick The One

After exploring all your wedding band options, the best choice should be clear by now. If it’s not, take a little break and come back to it with fresh eyes. Next time you check you will probably have the right energies to make the final commitment. However If your not positive about one single wedding ring, you need to take some steps back and revise your previous options. It would be wiser to take longer shopping rather than making the wrong decision. 

Platinum mobius mens wedding band, Mobius wedding ring in platinum

Obviously making the right decision is critical, it would be a good idea to realize that there isn’t one single perfect wedding band. With today’s variety of mens wedding bands, it’s very likely to love a few ring designs. In short, there will probably be several good options out there for you to choose from. When you get to the final decision, it’s really down to a personal preference and individual taste.

Step 10 – Time To Buy

I hope by now you’ve planned your research, that will make you feel confident and highly aware of the possibilities available to consider when shopping for a mans wedding band. If you feel you found the ‘the one’ it’s time to press that ‘buy now’ button and move on to the next thing. Here are some refined options for men’s wedding bands by Benati trending for the year 2020.