Birthstone Engagement Ring

Leaf Ring With Blue Topaz Gemstone In Silver, Blue Topaz Leaves Ring

Four friends sat around Sophia’s table on her balcony watching the lights of Tel-Aviv shine brightly, they sipped their wine and started to catch up on the news. Sophia had a twinkle in her eyes, and announced that Elly her son had proposed to his girlfriend, that he had met on his gap year traveling in South America.

Elly had confided to his mum he wanted to surprise Jessica with a ring and wondered how to go about it. She remembered that Sharon’s son was a jewelry designer. “The rage now, the new trend, is picking the birthstone for an engagement ring. It’s so beautiful to have a precious gemstone set into a cluster of diamonds” she suggested. The four friends googled Benati and were amazed at the great choice and designs inspired by nature. Sophia texted her son the link to Benati online shop, Elly immediately knew that his girlfriend would undoubtedly love the aquamarine ring since she has a March birthday and set his heart on buying that one.

There’s a sparking gemstone for each month, and beautiful designs to choose from, so be it an engagement ring or a birthday gift here’s a list to make that choice:

Good luck choosing your own unique and original gemstone engagement ring!

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By Sharon Shani for Benati • Copywrite