7 Moonstone Engagement Rings Must Have!

Moonstone Engagement Ring, Rose Gold Vintage Delicate Pear Shaped Cut Moonstone Ring

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Moonstone engagement rings are VERY popular now. If you’re wondering why, and you have considered a glowing moonstone engagement ring yourself, you have arrived at the right article. Widely known for balancing, soothing and calming energies, the rainbow moonstone gemstone comes with a beautiful iridescent glow. It’s popularity in jewelry with a bohemian look is very big. Rainbow moonstone gem is a fantastic affordable option, an alternative engagement ring for the self aware bride to be – who doesn’t necessarily want the classic solitaire diamond ring.
Did you know it’s an celebratory gem for the 13th wedding anniversary?

Moonstone Healing Properties

It is believed that wearing the gemstone in a full moon, will fill you with passionate love that will fly you to the moon! As a result, moonstone is a highly valued gemstone for the following reasons:

– Brings good fortune
– Assists in foretelling the future
– Enhances intuition
– Promotes inspiration
– Treats insomnia
– Delivers success in love and business
– Offers protection on land and at sea
– The moonstone is associated with the moon. The most powerful time to use the moonstone ring is in a full moon.

In ancient times the Greeks and Romans believed the stone was formed from moonbeams and associated moonstone with lunar deities.
Many well-known mythologies feature female lunar deities, such as the Greek goddess Selene, the Roman goddess Luna, and the Chinese goddess Chang’e. Male lunar gods are also frequent, such as Sin of the Mesopotamians, Mani of the Germanic tribes, Tsukuyomi of the Japanese, and Igaluk/Alignak of the Inuit.

In Hindu mythology it is believed that moonstone came from the moon’s ethereal light. Moonstone is considered a sacred and magical dream stone that brings beautiful vivid dreams.

Why A Moonstone Ring?

The ultimately best part about a moonstone engagement ring is that there is a large, unique collection of exclusive designs that perfectly suit any style and budget. Transparent blue shimmering moonstones are the rarest and most esteemed. The more light the gem is exposed to, creates its alluring iridescence, making it more valuable and pleasing to the eye.

Moonstone will look fantastic in any type of gold, if it’s rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, platinum or silver. In contrast to the classic round cut, it is available in a wide range of cuts, for example; pear, oval, princess, marquise and more. This unique gemstone will look gorgeous as a center solitaire engagement ring, in multi-stone engagement ring, as a cluster engagement ring and a diamond halo, for an incredible, irresistible glamorous look.

Moonstone Is June’s Birthstone

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your birthstone in your engagement ring? That could be a lovely option for June born ladies. Adding meaning to your ring will be special and memorable. Maybe you’re an opinionated bride searching for a diamond alternative, simply seeking a more affordable option to the standard classic diamond. Concluding moonstone would be a excellent option.

This unique gemstone is found in a variety of locations world wide. Including parts of the United States; Virginia, New Mexico and North Carolina. The biggest suppliers for sourcing and producing moonstone are India and Sri Lanka. Smaller volume mining include; Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar and Tanzania.
It is noteworthy that moonstone is a 6–6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Have a look at our top choice of 7 incredible unique moonstone engagement rings in a variety of settings and gemstone cuts. Enjoy!

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diamond halo engagement ring
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pear moonstone engagement ring, nature inspired halo diamond ring
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moonstone ring, moonstone engagement ring, leaf engagement ring
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marquise moonstone ring, leaves ring
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moonstone engagement ring, nature inspired leaf ring
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Vintage Rainbow Moonstone Engagement Ring, Floral Rose gold Nature Inspired Ring
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