The Mobius Ring

Mobius Wedding band, 5mm Mobius Ring In 14k White Gold

Mobius – The Surface With No End

There is something simple yet so ingenious and perfect with the mobius band. With only one surface and one boundary component. Traveling along the band, you will go around the whole ring’s surface strip and arrive back to the same point you have started. This creates positive energy and possesses powerful meaning.

I have created an exclusive collection of mobius wedding bands. Each band is unique and original, crafted in the highest standards with patience and accuracy. In my mobius collection you will find; excellent high polish finish, modern matte diamond scratched texture and diamonds following the mobius transition to emphasize the twist. I hope you find the mobius rings fascinating just like I do.

8mm mobius ring half matte half polished

Mobius Band – A Ring With Only One Surface

There is something intriguing in the core essence of the mobius – When you look closer and examine the mobius strip -both the “inside” and the “outside” of the mobius ring are the same. A single surface, that circulars itself, eventually becoming a physical three dimensional object that symbols the pure essence of energy, movement and complete unity. An accurate infinity loop that becomes a journey and a story to be told about ourselves.  

When your eyes travel along the mobius surface, you will gazel around the whole ring and eventually arrive at the same point you have started. This surface continues with no real starting or ending point, which emphasizes it’s continuity.  

Make it a perfect symbol of your everlasting love and unity. A representation of your journey together united as one.

Choosing A Mobius Wedding Band

3mm mobius ring with hammered texture

The mobius wedding bands from our exclusive collection would be the perfect choice to express your love. If you’re looking for a men’s wedding band that is simple yet has a special design element you are searching for – you have arrived to the right place. At Benati – our mobius wedding bands are designed in a variety of widths and are crafted to be worn everyday, they are comfortable, strong, durable and crafted to last for a lifetime.

Ladies will find the perfect wedding band they are looking for – we have a large collection of feminine mobius wedding bands to choose from in different widths. If it’s a delicate band with a interesting texture or a splash of diamonds to emphasize the the mobius twist; you will be fascinated by it’s captivating beauty. There is a mobius band for everyone.   

I Designed Three Types Of Mobius Bands

The first is the ‘genuine’ mobius band; One surface that goes all way around the band and back to the starting point. This band has two twists. View examples;

Mobius Wedding Band, Mobius Band
4.5mm mobius ring – half hammered half polished
Mobius wedding ring 14k/18K Gold, 6mm wide mobius wedding band
6mm mobius ring all polished
Mobius wedding band, modern 6mm wide mobius wedding band
6mm mobius wedding band in white gold

The second version, is mobius inspired; it has a very similar look, but here it has two parallel surfaces going around the band with four twists in the band – making it very interesting from every angle. As seen in the following;

Mobius Wedding ring, 5mm Rectangle Profile Mobius Ring In 14k White Gold
5mm mobius ring – all polished
Mobius Wedding Band, 3mm Mobius Stacking Ring In 18k/14k Gold
3mm mobius wedding band with half polished half matte scratched surface
Mobius Wedding band, 4.5mm Mobius Ring In 14k/18k Gold
4.5mm mobius ring – half polished half wood texture

The third design is also mobius inspired; It’s single twist is much wider and longer. The bottom part of the band is straight. Examples here:

Mobius Wedding Ring, 4mm Mobius Wedding Band
4mm mobius ring
Mobius wedding band, 5.5mm mobius wedding band
5.5mm mobius wedding ring
Mobius diamond wedding band, Diamond wedding eternity band
2mm mobius ring with diamonds

Mobius Engagement Rings

Propose to your loved one with our original mobius engagement rings – and fly her to the moon! With a variety of center diamonds and gemstones, this spectacular ring will make a beautiful symbol of your pure love, tailored to be a perfect and unforgettable proposal.

Mobius Wave Diamond Engagement Ring, Yellow Gold Diamond Mobius Engagement Ring
Mobius engagement ring with diamonds
Natural emerald ring, Mobius engagement ring
Mobius engagement ring with emerald
Mobius Engagement Ring, Mobius Diamond Engagement Ring
Diamond mobius engagement ring

Fun Experiment Creating Your Own Mobius

All you have to do, to do for this fun and simple experiment is to cut a thin and long strip of paper from a A4 paper (or any other paper you have). Take one end of the paper strip – and turn it over, now tape it to the other end of your strip. You now have a mobius strip!

You can now take a pencil; from any point – start travelling on the mobius paper strip without disconnecting the pencil from the paper, you will go all way around the strip on both sides, arriving to the same starting point!.

This experiment would be a great quiz for your kids! Give your child a strip of thin paper and a pencil. Ask them – can you draw a line on both sides of the paper in one go – without disconnecting the pencil from the paper? Let them think about it for a while. They will be fascinated doing the test together and with the surprising result!

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